General Information

Andros is located southwest of Nassau and is the largest island in the Bahamas. If The Bahamas still has an unexplored wilderness, this is it. The island's forest and mangrove swamps are home to a wide variety of birds and animals.

Andros is 161km (100 miles) long and 64km (40 miles) wide. Its interior consists of a dense tropical forest, really rugged bush, and mangrove country. The marshy and relatively uninhabited west coast is called the "Mud," and the east coast is paralleled for 193km (120 miles) by the third-largest underwater barrier reef in the world. The and reef drops more than 167km (104 miles) into the Tongue of the Ocean. On the eastern shore, this "tongue" is 229km (142 miles) long and 1,000 fathoms (2.9km/ 2 miles) deep.

Lying 274km (170 miles) southeast of Miami and 48km (30 miles) west of Nassau, Andros is actually three major land areas: North Andros, Middle Andros, and South Andros. In spite of its size, Andros is very thinly populated (its residents number only around 5,000), although the tourist population swells it a bit.

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