Cat Island

General Information

Untainted by tourism, lovely Cat Island is the sixth-largest island in The Bahamas. The fishhook-shaped island -- some 48 miles (77km) long and 2/3-4 miles (1 to 6.5km ) wide -- lies about 130 miles (209km) southeast of Nassau and 324 miles (523km ) southeast of Miami. (Don't confuse Cat Island with Cat Cay, a smallish private island near Bimini.)

It has one of the most pleasant climates in The Bahamas, with temperatures in the high 60s (low 20s Celsius)during the short winters, rising to the mid-80s (low 30s Celsius) in summer, with trade winds making the place even more comfortable. It is also home to some 2,000 residents, among the friendliest in all of The Bahamas.With its pristine virgin beaches, the island is beautiful to see, yet little-visited enough that it remains relatively inexpensive and undiscovered.

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