Long Island

General Information

The Tropic of Cancer runs through this long, thin sliver of land, located 150 miles (242km) southeast of Nassau. The island stretches north to south for some 97km (60 miles). It's 1 1/2 miles (2.5km) wide on average, and only 3 miles (5km) wide at its broadest point. Only recently has the island emerged as a minor tourist resort.

Long Island is characterized by high cliffs in the north, wide and shallow sand beaches, historic plantation ruins, native caves, and Spanish churches. The famed diving sites are offshore, including the Arawak "green" hole, a "bottomless" blue hole of stunning magnitude. The best beach bets include Deal's Beach, Cape Santa Maria Beach, Salt Pond Beach, Turtle Cove Beach, and the South End beaches, the latter offering miles of waterfront with powdery white or pink sands.

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