General Information

Located between the Bahamian islands and the Caicos, Mayaguana has 110 square miles of land. Today little more than 600 people live in the "capital" of Abraham's Bay located on the south coast, and the two smaller settlements of Betsy Bay and Pirate's Well. This combination guarantees long panoramas of scrubland with hardy, salt-resistant plants that thrive despite high temperatures in the spring, summer, and early autumn. Fishing, farming, and the few government positions are the only jobs on the island. Such being the case, many ofthe younger residents have left for Nassau to seek alternative careers. Though all the Out Island settlements seem to suffer, somewhat from their distances from Nassau, surely little Mayaguana suffers most by being so far removed physically, as the most southeasterly Bahamian isle. However, plans are afoot to increase the numbers of tourists visiting Mayaguana..

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