Own A Piece of Paradise!

The Bahamas is world reknown for its Warm Weather, Beautiful Beaches and Crystal Clear Waters.

Why not call them home?

  • Own A Piece of Paradise

    Setting up residency in The Bahamas has never been easier!

    The islands of The Bahamas have been hailed the world over for their incredible beauty and tranquil serenity. For most people they represent an ideal vacation destination, but for others they represent an ideal location for a second home.Continue...

  • Investing in The Bahamas

    An investment friendly climate, economic security, growth and development.

    The Government of The Bahamas has incentive programs directed at developing the islands and its local industries. In addition, it has trade agreements in place with the United States, Canada and Europe that entitle imports produced locally to enter these countries duty free.Continue...


Founded over 50 years ago, Ageeb Realty has established itself as an experienced and reputable real estate scompany in The Bahamas.


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Happy to assist with any real estate endeavour you are interested in pursuing; call upon us anytime.

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